“Women Are Being Killed on The Front Lines of the Vaccine”

In a shocking development, a video of an accident in which a woman and her child are killed has gone viral.

In the clip, a woman in a white lab coat runs into a pool of water and then falls in.

The woman is holding the child in her arms, but her body is quickly submerged in the water.

The woman is rushed to a nearby hospital where she is pronounced dead.

The child is rescued and taken to the hospital.

The video has gone on to be viewed more than 3.5 million times.

“It was horrific, and we are very saddened,” said Danielle Ragsdale, a spokeswoman for the Fort Stockton Pioneer Women’s Center, which is assisting the family of the victim.

The incident happened on Aug. 30, 2015, when the woman was working in a storage facility when the water rose above her.

She ran to the surface to grab a bucket of water to help her, but the bucket quickly went down.

She was able to grab it again but lost it when she grabbed the other bucket.

Her son also was able get a second bucket but was able only to get a little bit of water in his mouth.

“We lost both of our lives and it just hit us in a way that really hit home,” Ragsden said.

The video, which has garnered nearly 50,000 views, shows the woman standing on the shore and then diving for a second time.

The man, who is not identified in the video, runs to her rescue, and the two begin to swim together.

The two women hold each other’s hands as they float above the water and start to breathe again.

The two women start to laugh, but eventually the man and woman stop laughing and begin to sob.

Ragsdale said the family is thankful the woman and the child survived.

“The woman and child both had so much hope and so much strength in them, and it shows in this video, they’re both able to recover and go on to make a positive impact on this community,” she said.