Why you should buy the Pioneer Square SX900EX in Seattle

I got the SX900 EX for a cool $299, so this is my first review.

The SX900 was released in January of this year.

It has a great camera, great battery life, and a lot of features.

I’ve been using it to take photos of my dog, who I found on a bike trail in Seattle.

So I thought I’d share my experience.

Pros Cons Price: $299 Cons Size: 16.6 x 10.8 inches (59 x 35.4 mm) Camera: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L II USM Lens Pros: Compact, fast Cons: Limited battery life and price Cons: No built-in flash Lens: Canon 70-200mm f2.0-4L IS II USF Canon Lens Pros 1.

Superb lens, high contrast, great contrast and sharpness.


Very sharp image.


Super slow shutter speeds.


Very fast autofocus.

Cons 1.

The Canon EF-S 70-210mm f1.4-4.5 IS II is not waterproof.


It can be used underwater.

Pros 2.

The lens is very sharp, the camera is fast and the zoom is excellent.

3: The lens can be a bit difficult to use underwater.

4: The camera can be waterproof.

3 Canon EF 70-220mm f3.5-5.6 IS II Canon Lens I used the Nikon 70-300mm f4-5 IS.

This lens is not recommended for outdoor photography.

The 70-250mm f6-8 IS is not as good as the Nikon.

Pros 4.

Sharp and fast.

5: This lens has a wide angle and a very sharp lens.

The camera is very fast.


The zoom lens is a bit tricky to use.

Pros 5.

The Nikon 70mm f8 is not good for photography.


The autofocal is very good.

Pros 7.

The image quality is very nice.


The video zoom is great.

Cons 8.

This camera is not the best for outdoor shooting.


This is a very small lens.

Pros 10.

You can use it underwater, but you need a waterproof case.


This zoom lens has an aperture that is too small for underwater shooting.


The build quality is poor.


The battery life is good.


The price is high.

Pros 13.

This kit lens is great for photography and it is not a budget lens.


The aperture is too big for underwater photography.

Pros 16.

You need a good waterproof case, and you need to use the zoom lens underwater.

Cons 17.

The built-up noise of the lens is annoying.


The focus ring is not precise.

Pros 19.

This has a large zoom lens.


You cannot use it outdoors.

Cons 21.

The waterproof case is not very strong.


The shutter speed is slow.


The noise is very annoying.