Why the women in the ‘pioneering’ federal office are being ‘exploited’

Women are being exploited in federal jobs and agencies, and federal workers have been paid far less than they should, according to a new report.

A report released Wednesday by The Hill’s Investigative Fund details how the Obama administration is ignoring women’s concerns over pay and the lack of gender equity in the workforce.

The women and girls in federal positions were not being paid enough for the same work and were being pressured to take on extra work to stay at their desks, The Hill reports.

The report found that women were paid less than men for the work they were doing.

For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the median annual wage of female employees in 2014 was $20,000, while the median pay of male employees was $35,000.

Yet, the BLS report noted that there are only 8,000 women working for federal agencies in the U.S.

The report also noted that in 2014, more than 10,000 federal employees were women.

This year, the total number of women working in federal offices is estimated at over 1.2 million.

But, The Washington Post reports that the Obama White House is not doing enough to fix these problems.

“It’s not that the White House has ignored these concerns,” Sarah Schoen, the White the deputy White House chief of staff, said at a Senate hearing on the Bls report.

“We’re not going to just ignore these issues.

We have to actually look at them.”

In addition to addressing the wage disparity, the report says the White Senate and House should address gender bias within their executive branch.

“The fact is that we have a lot of women in executive positions in the government and it’s really not being represented in the Senate,” Schoen said.

“That’s not just about women, it’s about women across the board.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.