Why DJing is a dying art, by The Verge staff writer Adam Hodge

The first time I heard about DJing was when it was around the same time that I was learning to play piano.

I spent two months learning the art of playing music and I found that learning how to play music was incredibly liberating.

The music and the music culture I was discovering were so much more meaningful and rewarding.

And that’s when I started playing the piano, too.

So, DJing and the DJing scene are both part of the reason why I think DJing, in my opinion, is dying.

There’s so much work that goes into making sure that we’re not missing out on the best part of what we’re doing in music—the music itself, not just the DJ.

We should be focusing on the people that are doing the work, the people making music.

So many DJs are making music that’s just their own, they just don’t think about the world.

And I think that’s the most important thing, that we want to be doing this together.

And, if you can’t think of that, I can’t tell you how much better it would be if you were a DJ, so you don’t have to.

It’s also the reason I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of being a DJ.

I feel like I can be the most talented DJ around, and that’s really rewarding.

If you’ve never been a DJ before, you should take it as a learning experience.

I’ve had some amazing experiences that have made me feel like this is something I can do and something I really want to do, and then I just started playing.

It was such an exciting time for me to discover what a DJ was, because I’ve been a fan of music since I was a kid.

I remember having a bunch of my friends come to the house and we’d listen to a bunch a tracks that I had, or we’d play them back and forth.

Then I would put them on and we would go on about it.

That’s what I was listening to at that time, so it was a big part of my early DJing.

I really enjoyed that.

Then in 2006, I met this girl who would be my partner in DJing—she had this amazing set, and she had this huge house, and I had to tell her that I would have to take off a little bit of the house.

She said, “No, I don’t want to take away from your sound, I want to keep it.

But I don: I want you to play your songs.”

So, I started taking a little more of a backseat to her.

And now, I love her music so much that I play her music on the radio every time I come to play at parties, and it’s one of my favorite songs.

But it’s also so much fun.

And she’s also such a beautiful person.

And when I saw her on TV and it was really inspiring, I thought, “This is so cool.

This is my chance.”

And I’ve learned a lot about the art, the music and myself over the years, and now I’m finally ready to take my talents to the next level.

So that’s why I’m excited to be the first DJ to DJ at a festival and I’m really excited to do this.

So if you’re looking to learn about DJ playing and DJing culture, this is definitely the place to start.

I hope you’ll come see me play this weekend, because you’re going to have a lot of fun.

DJing isn’t the only music to make a comeback, though.

As we all know, music is alive and well in other places.

The next big thing to come out of this year’s Burning Man is the music festival.

It has an incredible lineup of artists that are all working together, and they’re all trying to make something happen that will be so huge that it will have a lasting impact on the music industry.

So it’s a great time to be a DJ and to have some fun with people who are just trying to be successful.

I’m a big fan of all kinds of music, so if you love it, DJ!