When is the last time you ate an Italian restaurant?

A woman who once worked in the pizza shop business, and a woman who has worked in restaurants herself, are taking to social media to debate the pros and cons of eating at an Italian dining house.

The Italian restaurants are now being targeted as the ‘end of the world’ as the pizza chain prepares to close its iconic Napa Valley location, leaving its loyal customers in the lurch.

The Napa location was a fixture of Napa, but has been phased out.

But the eatery is one of a number of iconic Napas that will be shuttered by the end of the year, with a plan to relocate to a new location in the Bay Area.

“I think this is an amazing idea for the Napa region,” said Andrea Mancini, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years.

“They’ve got the perfect demographic and a great mix of ethnicities and cultures, and the restaurant is absolutely amazing.”

The Napas are being targeted for closure because of the state’s budget, which includes $25 million to relocate businesses to California.

The plan would see all Italian restaurants and restaurants from other countries being relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the cost of living is lower, and to the Santa Clara Valley, where jobs are plentiful.

Ms Mancinis said the move was a win-win for Napa and for her family.

“We’ve had so much to do here over the years,” she said.

“The restaurants are just the icing on the cake, so they really need to be moved.”

It’s a great place for the kids to go and for the adults to have their kids.

“The restaurant has been a fixture in the Napas for more in its history.”

This was the first Italian restaurant we ever opened up in,” said Maria Di Pietro, who works at the restaurant as a manager.”

Our name is going to be gone and I’m sure it will be taken down somewhere else, but we will keep it alive.

“It started out in the old town of San Pablo, where it’s now called Italian Kitchen.

Ms Di Pietros said the family was happy to see the restaurant come to a close.”

The move comes after two of the restaurants last year closed, including the iconic Napolette in Napa. “

They are really sad that they can no longer eat here, but it’s so sad to see them go.”

The move comes after two of the restaurants last year closed, including the iconic Napolette in Napa.

There is no specific date for when the restaurants will be closed.