What’s the deal with the ‘yngi-yngu’ in the Pioneer brand?

Pioneer is now in the middle of an investigation into claims of racial discrimination, with the US Patent and Trademark Office looking at the origins of the brand.

“Pioneer has been a leading brand in the world for more than a century, and today is about more than one brand,” said Ken Miesler, a senior vice president at the Pioneer Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving heritage.

“We have always strived to honor the heritage and heritage values that have guided our brand for so long.”

“We are committed to continuing to advance the understanding of human origins through science and technology,” Mieslers said in a statement.

The Pioneer Yngi and Yngu Dental brands are seen as cultural icons and are popular with many of the world’s Indigenous peoples.

In the US, Pioneer Yungus are the only Indigenous dental products that are marketed by the company.

The Yngo brand is considered to be the first Native-owned brand to reach the US market.

Despite the company’s attempts to be inclusive and fair, the company has faced criticism over claims of racism and discrimination.

Last month, Pioneer filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that a white female employee made derogatory comments to a Native American employee.

This was a move that prompted the Native American tribe of Niyeka to file a lawsuit against Pioneer in December, alleging discrimination against Native Americans.

Pioneers president Mark Guggenheim told The Verge in a separate interview that he believed the complaint would be “slammed down” by the Equal Employer Opportunity Commission.

“It’s just the sort of thing that we’ve been doing all along,” he said.

Equal Pay Act: The company has previously been under scrutiny in the US for its pay practices.

Since the 1970s, the US has seen a steady rise in women being hired by the firm.

While the increase in women’s representation has been well-documented, there is still no law that directly addresses the issue of gender bias in the workplace.

An Equal Pay Act has been introduced by Democratic Congressman John Conyers, who also represents the District of Columbia.

Under the law, it is illegal for an employer to pay a woman less than a man because of a sex discrimination claim, and it requires companies to provide a form to employees stating the reason for the disparity.

Miesler said that in recent years, there has been an increase in discrimination against women.

“There are definitely some companies that are still doing it,” he added.

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“There’s a lot of fear that this is going to be an issue,” said Miesley, who said the Pioneer Brand had been an integral part of Native American culture.

When asked what he thought about the Pioneer’s latest patent, Miesinger said, “I don’t really know.

It’s just one of those things that we don’t know about.”

The probe into the origins is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding the Pioneer name.

A few months ago, a patent application for the Yngogu, a word for “yungus” or “Yungus”, was rejected by the USPTO, which said the word was “unclear” in its use of the word.

Also in December the US PTO said Pioneer was not the original developer of the Ynxwodh.

However, Pioneer has also been accused of using the name Yngosamfahng.

Yngosamsamfahsng is a term used to describe Native American people who practice traditional medicine.