The world’s first wireless speaker with a built-in Bluetooth® radio is here!

A wireless speaker designed to plug into a bluetooth-enabled speaker and control with voice commands is here to deliver a wireless experience.

The Pioneer BTS 2 Bluetooth speaker is the brainchild of the duo of former Apple employees, David and Mark Wachowski, and has been designed to offer a truly wireless experience by integrating Bluetooth technology into the speaker.

The BTS2 is the first wireless Bluetooth speaker to have an integrated Bluetooth radio, which means that it will also be able to use other Bluetooth radio protocols such as OTA, ZigBee, and ZigBee Plus, and even the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

The BTS is equipped with a proprietary speaker controller with a 5-inch touch screen and is designed to work with the popular Pioneer bluetooth speaker remote, and with the newly announced Bluetooth 4A technology, it will be able communicate with other Bluetooth devices as well.

While the Pioneer BBS2 is an impressive product, it doesn’t come without some limitations.

First and foremost, the BTS does not offer a full HD audio output, and the speaker’s remote will not work with Bluetooth headsets.

While the BBS does support Bluetooth 4, the speaker is designed for the most common Bluetooth protocol, so it won’t work with any headsets with a lower quality audio output.

The speaker does support a variety of audio inputs, including USB and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The speakers sound amazing.

The audio quality is phenomenal, but it is hard to really pinpoint exactly what exactly makes them sound great.

I would expect the BBT2’s soundstage to be very wide and the speakers are incredibly smooth.

It is a nice soundstage that is well suited to a wide range of sound sources, and it sounds fantastic.

The bass is really nice, and there is plenty of bass extension that can really bring out the treble.

I also enjoyed the fact that the speaker does not have an on/off switch, so I could turn it off and then on without having to flip through multiple channels.

This is an interesting feature, as it makes it easy to switch between listening to different sources at the same time without having the speakers get confused.

The speaker does also not have any built-up noise that can get in the way of the audio.

The only other noticeable noise is that the BMT2 has a slightly more prominent speaker output, which can be a little distracting at times.

The sound quality is great, and I’m glad that it comes in a wide variety of models, because it does sound amazing with any type of speaker setup.

It also doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home, which is a plus when you consider that it is not a big speaker.

I’ve been impressed with the BTT2 so far, and have already purchased two BTSs.

I really like the soundstage, and especially the bass extension, and these two are my preferred pair of wireless speakers.

The speakers sound great and I can easily find the perfect pair for different situations.

The remote and the Bluetooth connection are both very good, and you can easily control the speakers from a computer using the Apple Remote app.

If you have a pair of Bluetooth speakers, be sure to give the Pioneer Bluetooth BTS a try.

I’m looking forward to hearing how the BTFs performance changes over time.