The story of a pioneer woman mercanile in the UK

The story behind the rise of the pioneer woman in the country has been told in this documentary, which has been released by BBC Documentary Films.

The film follows a pioneer mother-of-two who took on the role of a housekeeper in the 1970s in a post-war Britain that was still struggling to integrate immigrants.

In her early twenties, a group of women from the working-class communities in her locality formed a cooperative, and a new social contract emerged, allowing them to establish themselves as members of a community of their own.

The first woman in a local trade union to take up this role was Mrs Paddy, who has since become a household name.

She started as a housemaid and later became a housewife and became an administrator for the cooperative.

In 1981, Mrs Paddie was also elected to the British Women’s Federation, which was created to encourage women to join the trade unions.

She then became a delegate to the Women’s Conference in the 1980s and is still active in the trade union movement today.

The documentary is part of BBC Documentaries series The World In Action, which explores the history, culture and power of women.