The best of the pioneer water park and the best of Pioneers in the Valley

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a water park environment, the Pioneers were founded by legendary water park entrepreneur George W. Wertheimer in 1896.

Pioneers were water parks built on an enormous scale, with over 200 water rides, over 40 water attractions, over 70 water attractions with water slides and more than 20 water attractions built by Wertheim himself.

They were also home to a number of other water park pioneers including the famous Pioneer Square, a waterpark built on the same grounds that inspired Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom.

Water parks weren’t the only thing the Pioneering families were obsessed with.

They also loved to sail and they loved to explore the ocean.

After WWI, Werther had the idea of building a massive water park on the ocean floor.

When the company was established in the early 1930s, it was one of the most expensive and most expensive water parks in the world, but it was a success, selling out every year.

By the time the PioneERS died in 1958, the water park had sold out for the last time.

While the park was eventually demolished in the 1950s, its legacy lives on in the water parks of the world today.

Wertheimer had many other water parks as well, including the World’s largest, the Grand Central Waterpark in New York City, but he was particularly fond of the Pioneered, which was built on his land.

The park was a water playground, a place where the water was pure, where the waves were high and where the sun shone on the water.

George W. and Mary Werthers Pioneers have been the epitome of the American water park tradition, and the park is remembered as the birthplace of the water theme park.