The best games you can play on the $200 Pioneer XA2, a $200 wireless controller

Ars Technicamode founder and CEO Adam Johnson has a lot to say about wireless controllers, and how they’re changing the gaming landscape.

The Pioneer X, for instance, was originally designed for the Xbox 360, but now has wireless capabilities.

Its wireless capabilities, he explains, mean that it can be used to control your Xbox 360 and PS3, with no need to buy a separate controller. 

The Pioneer X was originally launched as a Bluetooth-enabled controller.

That was a bit of a problem, because Bluetooth is extremely sensitive to the position of the receiver, which could cause the controller to act as if it were touching the screen, for example. 

But Johnson says that this time around, the wireless capabilities have given him the confidence to make the XA1 a wireless controller, because of the new hardware that is built into it. 

So what’s the difference between the Pioneer X and the X1?

Johnson points out that the X is more powerful, has a larger range, and is more rugged, but the Xa1 is much smaller, weighs a fraction less, and can be controlled with a mouse and a keyboard. 

Both the X and Xa2 offer a 3.5mm headphone jack, but you’ll need to use headphones for the full experience. 

You can’t even use Bluetooth to control the X2, though you can use Bluetooth accessories to send the controller wirelessly. 

However, Johnson says, the X has a built-in microphone that will let you communicate with the controller via Bluetooth to play back audio files, and to control gamepad buttons and other controls.

The XA and XAi are also the first controllers to have a wireless speaker, which means they’re not only quieter, but can be set up in different rooms, depending on your living room layout. 

Johnson says the X-series controllers have been on the market since last November, and that they’re available now in various colors and shapes, and are priced at $249 and $299, respectively.

The first XA-series controller is available in red, blue, and purple, with black being the final color.

The second XA controller is currently out for preorder, and the company is also announcing that a third XA3 controller will be available next year.

Johnson also mentions that there are now four different colors of Bluetooth headsets that are available, which you can buy separately, for $99.

The third controller is also available, but it’s not compatible with the Xbox One controller, which is the same model that is currently available for $199.

The fourth controller is a Bluetooth headset that’s compatible with all of the other controllers, which also costs $99, and it’s only available to preorder now.

The XA series also comes with a built in microphone, and there are also wireless speakers for the controller, though Johnson says the headphones won’t work with Bluetooth headsets, so it’s best to buy headphones separately. 

Pioneer’s XA5, with its $299 price tag, is also a Bluetooth device.

The $200 controller has wireless audio, and a built option for $79.

The company also announced that it has launched a wireless headset for the XR and XRi that works with the new Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers.

It also has wireless headphones for $69, and wireless speakers with built-ins for $59.

Johnson says that wireless headsets will be in demand in the gaming industry, and says the wireless headsets are the next generation of wireless controllers.

Johnson says he’s already sold over 5,000 wireless headsets, and he’s looking for more. 

“This year alone, we’ve sold more than 10,000,” Johnson says.

“We’re really excited about the next wave of wireless, and we’re going to be bringing more products and services to gamers this year.

This is going to become a dominant part of the gaming ecosystem, and I’m looking forward to helping make it happen.”