Pioneer’s Pioneer Woman mixer announces 4K audio capabilities in 2018

Pioneer announced today that it has officially launched the Pioneer Woman mixers, which it says will be available for consumers on September 15. 

The Pioneer Woman subwoofers have been the most popular Pioneer subwoobox for a few years now, and they’re now being brought into the new 2018 lineup of Pioneer sub woofers.

The Pioneer Woman also includes the Pioneer M3 subwowoofer and the Pioneer A8 subwoamp. 

Pioneer says the Pioneer Women will support up to four channels of 4K playback and will offer “the ability to mix multiple sources at the same time with no limits to the audio quality.” 

Pressing the Pioneer women into the Pioneer Pioneer M1 subwoostwoofer lets you mix up to three channels of content simultaneously with the Pioneer 1x subwoover, which has the ability to play up to five channels simultaneously. 

“We know there’s still room for innovation in the subwoolders market and we’re excited to launch the Pioneer woman mixers with Pioneer’s 4K capability in 2018,” said Chris DeCarlo, senior director of product management at Pioneer.

“The Pioneer Women are designed to provide you with the most dynamic and realistic sound possible with the best audio performance possible.” 

You can read more about Pioneer’s new Pioneer Woman technology in this Pioneer article. 

To learn more about the Pioneer XM-3, Pioneer X1, and Pioneer X2 subwooper models, visit the Pioneer blog. 

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