New York Times’s new pizza restaurant, Pizzeria La Luna, will open in LA

A New York City pizza restaurant is coming to LA.

The pizza restaurant called Pizzera La Luna is coming soon to the Los Angeles area.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the new location of the pizza shop is being built on the site of a former auto parts factory in LA.

The Times reports: The building on the edge of downtown is a warehouse.

There are lots of warehouses around Los Angeles, so the space is ripe for expansion. 

Lopez told the LA Times that the restaurant will have a restaurant counter, a pizza counter and a bar that will serve wine and beer.

The restaurant will be open daily, serving a rotating menu of food. 

 La Luna also plans to open a bar in the future, which the restaurant hopes will be the first of its kind in the city. 

The LA Times reports it is the first restaurant in Los Angeles to offer vegan pizza and vegan lasagna, which is something that has become a hot trend in recent years. 

La Vista Avenue is a busy intersection in the heart of LA, with restaurants and cafes lining both sides. 

Pizzeria la luna will be located at 1435 La Vista Ave, Los Angeles.