How to make the best coop you can (and can) buy in Australia

When I arrived in Melbourne to work in a new, coop-friendly business, I was surprised to see so many different models being developed in different parts of the city.

From the old coops and single-room occupancy hotels that have become synonymous with Sydney, to the more modern multi-level units (MLUs), coops are slowly but surely becoming more popular in Australia.

But in Australia, where it’s easier to get your hands on a coop than in many other countries, I couldn’t help but notice some new trends. 

While I was in Sydney, I went out to see the newest of the new CoopCity coop models being built in the city, the T-Rex.

These new coops offer up a mix of different types of spaces, with a range of different layouts to suit the needs of the owners.

The coops themselves are designed to be affordable and easy to rent out to people with little or no experience. 

I was also impressed with how well the coop was being managed. 

They had their own staff, and it was obvious that their owner was dedicated to helping them out. 

At a time when the city is experiencing a severe housing crisis, it’s refreshing to see an owner willing to put their own money towards a project that can help them with the cost of maintaining their house. 

For a business owner, it makes perfect sense to be able to offer a co-op experience to people who aren’t the right fit for their space.

Coop owners are also getting more and more comfortable in their own homes, with the new model being built specifically for them.

The T-rex was a great success for the company, with more than 80 people using the space over the course of a few months. 

CoopCity is currently running three coop coop events in Sydney over the next two weeks, so you can catch up with more information on the latest developments in the industry.

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