How to make a Pinterest account for free

I am a pioneer communications guy and this is what I’ve learned from my first post on Pinterest.

Today I would like to share with you how to make an account and start earning some cash on it. 

The steps are easy. 


Create a Pinterest Account:  Sign up for Pinterest and you’ll get an email with the instructions to create a free account. 

 You’ll then be asked to choose your username, which will be something that looks like your first name.

 After creating the account, you’ll be asked whether you want to create any more. 

If you choose yes, you will be able to see the newest posts and create new ones. 


Get some Cash: When you’re ready to start earning money on your account, follow the link to “Make a Pinterest Membership.” 

 When you see the welcome message, you can click on the link and get an account activation link. 


Activate Your Account: Once you click on that link, you should see a page that looks something like this:  “This page has been set up to help you activate your account.” 


Review the Terms & Conditions and Sign Up for Pinterest: Once you see that, you are now able to sign up for a free membership. 

 As you can see, the page will ask you to provide your email address. 

Once you have provided that, the site will ask if you want your email protected or not. 


Select “Paste the Email Address” button: When the email is sent, it will ask for your password and PIN. 


Fill out your email and click “Sign Up” button and follow the steps below:     1.

    If you already have an account, click “Create New Account.” 


       Click on “Activate.” 


   Choose the username that you created earlier.    4.

     Click on the “Add Account” button. 


    Choose the PIN and password that you want on your new account.


    If you don’t have a Pinterest password yet, you might need to log in to the site again to add it.


         Click on your name to go to the top of the page, where you will see your username. 8.

                You will be prompted to select a new email address that you will use for the account.

   Fill out the information as needed. 9.