How to get more money in the bank with the ‘pioneers chicken’

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the box is that it’s packed with chickens.

And while the chicken meat might be pricey, the chicken inside is a must-have.

The packaging, made from the first-ever chicken meat to be used in a restaurant packaging, is a welcome change from the usual supermarket chicken meat, and the fact that it uses the same ingredient has been a big draw.

In the restaurant section of the store, you’ll find a range of dishes from the classic to the unusual.

There’s a variety of dishes such as the chicken nuggets with a spicy sauce and grilled chicken with onions and mushrooms, and some unusual creations like the chicken noodle salad and grilled lamb.

“I think the chicken in the restaurant is a little bit of a novelty,” chef Andrew Smith says.

“We have a chicken salad, but it’s really special because it’s not really about chicken, it’s about the whole family.

It’s about being able to enjoy the food with friends and family.”

While it’s still early days for chicken, there’s a lot of promise.

“It’s a great way to introduce the chicken to the community and to introduce a whole new group of people,” chef Smith says, “and to be able to use it in restaurants is a huge deal.”

There are no plans to use the chicken for the meat market, so Smith says there’s no way the chicken will make its way into the supermarket.

“But we think it’s something we could do, because I’m really excited about it.”

Smith says the chicken’s use is being seen as a positive sign for the poultry industry in Australia, and it’s great for the environment.

“The way we’re using the chicken is not environmentally friendly, and we’re seeing a lot more use of this in the community,” he says.

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