How to get a credit union to help you save money

The American Credit Union Association (ACUA) is launching a new campaign to help consumers save money at their local credit union.

The ACUA launched its “Save a Credit” campaign last week to promote the importance of using credit unions to make a financial investment in their local community.

The campaign is the culmination of a two-year effort by the ACUA to build trust with consumers about how credit unions can help them save on their monthly bills.

“Credit unions have been an essential part of our community for more than 100 years,” said ACUA CEO Chris Miller.

“As we work to build the trust of our customers and partners, it’s important that we provide them with tools that are easy to use, secure, and efficient.”

Consumers can sign up to receive the Save a Credit email to sign up for the Save A Credit phone service and the SaveACredit app.

Consumers can also sign up on the Save an Account website, by visiting, or by calling 800-823-2222.

Consumers who have been approved for the app can also download the Save An Account app and save on up to $250 a month.

The Save A Cash app can be downloaded for free for a limited time and is available for iPhone and Android.

For a limited number of consumers, the Save Credit app can allow them to make the most of their savings by making a credit card purchase on their credit card.

For more information, visit www.