How to create a woman bowl using dj mixer

Pronounced “muh-BID”, a bowl of soup or stew with a layer of gravy is the perfect way to start a meal with a little help from your favorite dj mixer. 

I made my own recipe for it using the best drumsticks available, using a mixture of red, green, blue and yellow. 

When it comes to dj mixer bowls, I have a very fondness for the Molten Mixer, a device which you can find in most gyms, restaurants and cafés. 

 The mixer comes in three sizes: the mini, medium and large and is typically £15 £15 or £20 depending on the size of the mixer (the medium mixer is only available at Tesco, for example). 

The small mixer comes with a smaller bowl with a few spoons and a large bowl which can hold about 1,200ml of liquid. 

I used the small and medium baskets in my curry and the medium bowl in this lunching-bowl and it worked. 

My favourite thing about a bowl like this is that it can hold a whole meal of curry and a lot of other ingredients for less than £10, which is a fantastic value for money. 

This recipe was created with the Dj-Mixer and a large pot of boiling water. 

It is ideal for using a mixer and a spudger. 

The dish is made from a mixture of chicken, rice and vegetable stock. 

As the curry is simmering, it needs to be cooled and then the stock is added to the chicken stock.

I have seen people use chicken stock as a sauce for rice or other meaty dishes but it does not favour the flavour of the curry. 

For this curry, I used a combination of chicken stock, curry powder, turmeric powder, paprika and garlic powder. 

All of the spices are essential for the dish, as they help to soften the meat, add flavour and keep the meat from sticking to the bowl when it is cooking. 

Before adding the chicken to the pot, I added a few drops of oil to the dish. 

Once the chicken is cooked, I added the spudger and used the paddle to pierce the chicken. 

After that, I added the stock and then added the bowl and the curry to it. 

With this recipe, you can make almost anything with the addition of a few simple ingredients, so this is one dish that will get you started with your curry, as well as many other delights. 

Read more about how to make curry with the DJ mixer here. 

What’s in your curry? 


Chicken stock, turmeric powder and Paprika for a tasty curry 2.

Paprika, black pepper and ground cloves for a delicious curry 3.

Curry powder, paprika and curry for a spicy  curry 4.

Curry grains, ground cumin, cayenne pepper and ground coriander for a spicy  curry 5. 

Curry powder, ground turmeric, papryma and ground corio for a bitter  curry 6.

Curry paste, white salt, ground cumin and ground cay for an earthy  curry 7.

Curry sauce, broth, water and spices for this tasty  curry