How to buy an outdoor ice cream stand at Pioneer Park

The Pioneer Park Ice Cream Shop, which is located in the historic Pioneer Market at Pioneer 11 and Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Minneapolis, is the only outdoor ice-cream stand in the United States with a full menu of vegan and gluten-free options.

The shop is open year-round, with a daily lineup of fresh seasonal and traditional flavors, including chocolate and vanilla cheesecake.

“I think it’s a great place to visit because you can go to the market and get all your food, and the vendors will be happy to serve you,” said owner and manager David Leong.

“The ice cream is so fresh and so delicious.

I love it.”

Leong, who has been working in the food industry for 25 years, has been making ice cream for more than two decades.

His shop has become a hub for the vegan community in the Minneapolis area, and he and his staff are excited to be able to open a store in Pioneer Park.

The first year, the shop only had two vendors.

“In the past we didn’t have the space, the equipment to handle the food and the staff,” Leong said.

“We were really, really, just running out of cash.

Now we have a full-service store and it’s going to be the best.”

Leung is the founder and president of The Dairy Collective, a nonprofit group that has a mission to help people in need of animal welfare training.

They partnered with the Pioneer Park ice cream shop to create the Vegan Community Center, a new space dedicated to empowering the community and giving back to the community.

“It’s not only for people in the Pioneer Market, but also other people in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, especially the farmers market,” Leung said.

The dairy cooperative has grown into a group that works to spread vegan and vegan-friendly products.

The group has been at the forefront of veganism in the Twin Cities area and also is committed to educating the general public about the benefits of vegan living.

“If you go to any farmer market in the Minnesota Valley, you’ll see people selling dairy products,” Leeng said.

For Leong and his team, it’s also a place where they can work to help others, both in their community and in the wider community.

Leong also has a new goal in mind for the store: “I want to open it as a destination store,” he said.

While he’s been working to create a vegan-free space for more years, he said the new focus has come as a shock.

“For me, it really was just a realization that this is the way we have to live our lives,” he added.

“Now I think I have a goal to make sure I am going to keep the community vegan and the farmers markets vegan and help the community grow vegan and to have the community embrace the other side of the coin.”

With the help of volunteers, Leong is able to serve more than 10,000 people daily.

The Dairy Cooperative offers an array of healthy vegan options.

“Our menu is based on the philosophy of a healthy, plant-based diet,” said Leong in a news release.

“As we develop our menu and our menu of options, we’ll continue to look to add more plant-centered items, as well as new items for people who are not vegan or vegan-conscious.”

Leeng and his wife, Tanya, have also begun raising funds for the project.

“This is going to help us reach out to other farmers markets, so that they can see what the market is all about,” he explained.

“And to our fellow people in our community, I want to give them hope that we can continue to build a better world for all of our species.”