How to Build Your Own Pioneer AVH-S52BT Pioneer Satellite Hub

We’ve been working on a new Pioneer AVHD-S 52BT hub with the Pioneer Portal to bring Pioneer’s AVHD series of satellites to your home and to your business.

The Pioneer AV-HD52BT is the hub we designed, developed, and tested.

The AVHD72BT is our entry-level hub with a variety of connectivity options and capabilities, including wireless access, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 10W audio/video transmitter.

The hub also includes an optional audio-recording output and a USB-C to USB-A power connector for powering your USB hub.

This hub is the perfect gateway for connecting Pioneer’s high-performance AVHD satellites to the AVHD channel of your home theater.

The portal is compatible with the AVH52BT, AVH72BT, and AVHD51BT satellites.

The gateways include a wide array of connectivity choices, including the AVHT60BT, an AVHT120BT, a AVHT240BT, the AVHF51BT, USB-V, Bluetooth, and an optional remote.

If you need more flexibility in your AVHD satellite setup, the portal also has a USB hub and HDMI port.

This Pioneer portal hub also features Pioneer’s exclusive “Home Automation” hub, which allows you to remotely control the hub with your mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

The Portal offers the latest in Pioneer AV technology, including a built-in camera, an audio recorder, and GPS and A/V tuner.

The Gateway also features an included AV-H62BT and AVH62BBT satellites, all of which have been optimized to work with Pioneer’s powerful AVHD technologies.

If this hub is your first entry-Level hub, you can check it out at $249.99, which includes everything you need to get started.

The Gateways are available in black or white.