How one woman has made it all possible

One woman, a pioneer in cookware, is giving back to her community through her cookware company, Obituaries Bemidji.

Bemidji started as a cookware business in 2012, but has since grown to be one of the most well-known brands in India.

The business is run by Shabnam, a resident of Mumbai, who is passionate about the food she makes and has built a dedicated following among her peers.

“I am inspired by cooking, I love to make things,” she said.

“If I can do anything for the community, I would like to do that.

I want to share this with people.”

Her ambition has driven the company’s sales and distribution network to reach more than 4,000 restaurants in over 40 states, as well as being a hub for people to find out more about her company and recipes.

The company’s motto is: “I am an inspiring cook and a pioneer, my dream is to create a legacy for India and to help the world be a better place”.

In the US, the Obituations Bemidi website has already attracted over 15,000 visitors and has been translated into more than 100 languages.

“It’s a very exciting time in the country,” Shabna said.

“We’re in a really positive place.

We’re at a time when the Indian market is growing at a very fast rate.

We’ve had some great times here.”

We’ve been able to grow and expand the brand and I think it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur.

“It’s hard to believe the Bemidjis have come to the US.

The company started in the US in 2012 and has since expanded to over 1,000 locations in 40 states.

It was the idea of Shabni and her husband, Akbar, who were both in college at the time.”

After graduating from college, we were looking for a way to help other students through the education process.

We were trying to find restaurants and thought that was something we could do for free.

It was really inspiring and the company grew really quickly,” she recalled.”

My husband and I decided to come to America.

We have never been to the States before.

The opportunity to come and start a business was just too good.

We couldn’t pass up it.

“A lot of restaurants are owned by people who have never had a business, or have been working for a very long time.

So it was an opportunity to help a lot of people,” Shabbir said.

As the company has grown, so has the company.

It is now operating at over 1.2 million locations across the US and Canada.

“The reason why I am here is because I believe in my cooking and that I can help the community and help other people, I have this vision to help them in the kitchen.

That’s why I’m here,” she added.

In fact, the Bemishi family has given back to their community in a number of ways.

In 2014, the company raised money from a number people to provide food to the homeless.

The money raised was used to expand the cookware range and build a new kitchen.

A few years ago, the family also opened their own restaurant to cater to the city’s homeless population.

“When I was looking for something, I thought I would start a restaurant and help others,” Shabe said.

Shabnam has been a mentor to a few of the people she mentors.

“I always have my hands full.

I try to be there when she needs me, and I always make sure she feels supported,” she laughed.

In 2016, the Shabmises opened the first restaurant in Mumbai for the homeless and the city was named a ‘City of Promise’ by the World Economic Forum.

The Bemishes also opened a small kitchen in their Mumbai home to help people who could not afford to pay for a proper kitchen.

“Our first restaurant was for the people who couldn’t afford to have a kitchen.

We started serving food to those people, but the community wasn’t quite happy about that,” Shabadni said.

The Obituities Bemidiy website has over 15.5 million visitors and is translated into many languages. 

The Obituary Bemidy website has almost 2.2 millions visitors and it is translated in over 20 languages.