Honda’s ‘Pioneer Woman Collection’ is the latest collection to feature a woman’s head cover

By JEFFREY KENNEDY, Associated PressIt’s the first time a woman has been included in the lineup of the “Pioneers” brand of car audio and accessories.

Honda’s new “Pilot Woman Collection” includes an “all-new” head cover, a microphone stand, a headrest and a new speaker box, according to Honda.

It’s the latest addition to a growing lineup of women-focused accessories for the Japanese automaker, which also includes a “pioneering” earbuds and earphones.

The “Pilots” range from the entry-level to the most expensive, according.

It includes two “PILOT” models, a $25,000 sports car that includes an aluminum hood and a headband and a $42,000 entry-tier crossover that includes a plastic hood and an aluminum body.

It also includes an $80,000 crossover that has the same features as the PILOT but includes a carbon fiber body.

The new head cover and microphone stand include “pilot” in its name, which is a nod to the name of the popular television show “Piper,” which centers around a pilot named Piper Chapman.

Hitchcock’s “Passion” and “Chronicle” franchises, owned by Toyota, were founded by a man named David Lutz, who also founded the company that produced the Toyota Camry and Prius.

The company, which has now sold more than 10 million vehicles, sells a variety of accessories to consumers, including speaker boxes, headrests and headbears.

The company also sells accessories for other Japanese vehicles, including an $11,000 Toyota Camrys, a Prius hybrid and a Scion xB.