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Honda pioneer MVh 1400ex, Pioneer Com,pinnacle Sx 1270, Pioneer Elementary School in South Dakota, the world’s first electric-powered school bus, announced Friday it would be joining a pilot program at four North American universities.

The school bus was developed by the Pioneer Group in collaboration with the Pioneer Engineering Corporation of Los Angeles.

The MVh 1600EX will be one of six electric buses in a pilot project, said Pioneer Engineering Chairman and CEO Jim Vyh.

The first buses are slated to be delivered to colleges and universities in the first quarter of 2020.

The Pioneer MVh 1500EX is the first electric school bus in the United States.

It will be used by students and staff at Pioneer Elementary school in South Dakotas first-ever school bus.

Pioneer MVs will be the first schools in the country to have an electric schoolbus, and Pioneer MV will be providing the power source for the bus.

The MVh 1300EX, Pioneer VX 500, Pioneer MV 600, Pioneer NX 500, and MV 1600EX all have a range of over 100 miles on their battery packs, Pioneer CEO Jim Van Houten said.

Pioneers first electric bus, the MVh 1200EX, is the world leader in range and acceleration, Pioneer Engineering CEO Jim van Houtenberg said.

The bus was built in the U.S. by Pioneer Engineering in Los Angeles and Pioneer Engineering is an engineering contractor for the U of A. The buses were tested by the University of Texas in Austin and were approved for use in the University’s high school.

The U of T’s program will use the bus as a testbed for future vehicles.

In partnership with the UTA, Pioneer will provide the power for the buses electric power system.

Pioneer will be a partner in the pilot, with the company also providing the transmission and electrical system, Vy, the CEO, said.

Pioneer and UTA have developed a partnership that will help accelerate the development of electric vehicles in the future, Van Houts, the president and CEO, wrote in a statement.

“This is an incredible achievement and a real step forward in our nation’s pursuit of an electric future.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Pioneer journey,” Van Hins said.

“This will be Pioneer’s first bus and we look forward to seeing the next generation of electric transportation on the road.”

The Pioneer group has invested more than $30 million in its first-generation MVh school bus project.

In 2016, Pioneer introduced the MVH 1400EX and MVh 800EX electric school buses.

Pioneer has since sold about 40 of the MVHD 1500EX and 800EX school buses to colleges across the country.

The two school buses are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

The buses are used by about 40 million students and teachers in the American schools.

The students have access to the school bus for their own transport and are encouraged to take the bus to school on school buses when the schools are open.

For the first time in history, the Pioneer MVHSchool Bus project is being funded through federal and state funding, and the school will be fully autonomous in the coming years.