First-Ever Pioneer Credit Union Named the #1 Most-Trusted Credit Union in the Country by CreditSesame

The first-ever credit union to receive the coveted credit union designation from CreditSafer, the top credit union watchdog organization in the country, is a pioneer credit bank that has been rated by the National Credit Union Administration as a top financial institution in the nation.

The Pioneer Elite, a subsidiary of the CreditSafari Corp., has been recognized by the NCUA as a pioneer in the area of credit union security and credit management for more than two decades.

The Pioneers have earned an outstanding reputation for high-quality and high-risk credit protection services that are well-respected across the credit community.

They have earned the respect of the credit industry as an industry leader in credit protection and consumer protection, including the most recent credit default swap, mortgage default, and consumer protections legislation passed by Congress in 2018.

“We are honored to be named one of the top-rated credit unions by CreditSafe, a credit rating agency,” said Chase Chase Chase & Co. President and Chief Executive Officer Richard R. Spencer.

“The Pioneers’ reputation for the highest quality credit protection is unsurpassed and has earned the trust of credit card customers and consumers alike.”

The Pioneering Credit Union has earned four consecutive top ratings from CreditSafe for its outstanding credit protection policies, and the Pioneers are also rated as one of just four credit unions in the United States to be rated “A” by, the leading online credit ratings service.

The credit union’s credit card business is valued at over $1.5 billion, making it the largest credit union in the U.S. The CreditSafe credit ratings agency believes the Pioneer Elite credit union is a premier leader in the credit union industry and its business has helped drive the growth of credit unions.

“CreditSafe’s credit rating for the Pioneering Elite credit Union is a first for the credit unions industry and is a landmark rating for our industry,” said Matthew J. Hirsch, CreditSaver’s Senior Director of Credit Risk Management.

“Its outstanding credit history and solid credit score will help credit unions meet growing consumer expectations, as well as create a stronger financial ecosystem.”

The Pioneer CreditUnion, located at 701 S. El Cajon Blvd., is a member of the First Credit Union Association, a leading credit union association and is the largest in California.

The First Credit Unions, a partnership between credit unions and credit unions, are the oldest and largest credit unions on the West Coast.

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