Explore Pioneer Canyon with the 10 Most Amazing Discoveries

In a year that’s seen a number of major discoveries made in the Grand Canyon, the 10 most amazing discoveries made by explorers across the country have been revealed.

Here are the top 10 discoveries.1.

“The Discovery of the Grand Prismatic Spring” – June 4, 1915By the end of 1915, explorers had discovered more than 3,000 miles of trails that connected the Colorado River and the Pacific Ocean.

By the beginning of 1916, they had established the first known trail in the middle of the canyon.

They named it the Grand Park and named the Grand Monument after the legendary explorer who first saw it.2.

“Wyoming’s First Giant Forest” – December 25, 1930The world was in shock at the discovery of a massive forest that was the size of an entire country, and for the first time, an entire continent.

A year later, Wyoming announced its discovery of the largest forest in the United States.

Three years later, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was founded.3.

“A Brief History of Time” – May 5, 1776The discovery of an ancient city in the Middle East and a massive earthquake in France also made a huge impact on the development of science, technology, and engineering.

It also changed the way people thought about time.4.

“First Voyage to the South Pole” – March 12, 1851In March of 1851, a group of explorers set out to explore Antarctica.

In 1854, they arrived in the South Pacific.

By 1855, the group had discovered the South American continent, the world’s largest continent at that time.5.

“Swan Lake” – January 10, 1867The first airplane ever made flew over the ocean and landed on a lake in Oregon.

It was called “The Swan Lake” and was used by explorers who hoped to see a new world.6.

“Jurassic Park” – July 14, 1975When the dinosaurs first came to the Earth, they were just an animal.

However, some of the most beautiful fossils have been found in North America.

In the early 1960s, a scientist named Carl Sagan theorized that they could be part of a new species of dinosaur.7.

“Dinosaur Land” – August 18, 1977In 1977, a crew of seven explorers from the Smithsonian Institution discovered what would become the largest land mass on Earth, a land that stretched nearly 200,000 square miles.

The expedition was led by geologist James Watson, who discovered the oldest known bone in the world.8.

“Great Wall of China” – September 9, 1992The Great Wall of Asia stretches almost 600 miles, and was completed more than 500 years after the Chinese emperor’s death.

Scientists have since learned that it may have been built as a defense against the Mongols, who were conquering China.9.

“Ice Age” – April 26, 1993Ice age is a period of time in Earth’s history when Earth was cooler than today.

This includes the last glacial maximum in Greenland.

Scientists are still trying to figure out why it happened.10.

“Newborn Giant Dinosaur” – October 13, 2006The largest dinosaur ever discovered was a baby that lived in the Arctic and was about 8 feet (2 meters) long.

It lived in a place called the St. Lawrence Seaway.